Why the Bohle Tablet Coater

The Bohle Tablet Coater (BTC) guarantees first-class processing with the highest efficiency on the market. Outstanding advantages of this tablet coater include:

  • Fast, high uniformity, problem-free tablet coating
  • Up to 35-percent shorter processing time compared to conventional tablet coaters
  • Minimized spray drying to increase tablet coating efficiency
  • Fast and easy discharge of every tablet without any “scoop” or discharge device. The tablet coating pan is simply rotated in reverse direction
  • Optional Wash-in-Place (WIP) cleaning and ergonomic design for efficient tablet and coating material handling

The Bohle Tablet Coater’s elongated tablet coating pan provides a larger tablet spraying surface, accommodating up to 10 spray nozzles for delivery of more film coating and reducing overall coating process time. Bohle’s patented air flow bed technology virtually eliminates spray drying, resulting in minimal coating solution loss and high-quality, defect-free tablet coating.

Combined with the overall tablet coating pan design, integrated mixing baffles are configured in a double-helix shape to ensure efficient and thorough tablet mixing with gentle handling. The patented baffle design provides quick, 100-percent tablet discharge to increase the efficiency of each campaign run.

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About L.B. Bohle

L.B. Bohle LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of L.B. Bohle Maschinen & Verfahren GmbH, provides high-efficiency processing technologies benefitting the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, including tablet coating, milling, granulating, blending and weighing equipment. With thirty years experience and more than 35 patents worldwide, L.B. Bohle continues to innovate technology that meets the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, making the company one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical processing equipment. For more information, visit www.lbbohle.com.

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