First ever truly Continuous Wet Granulator and Dryer

 At Interphex 2018, L.B. Bohle unveiled the first ever truly continuous twinscrew Granulator and Dryer on the market.


Continuous wet granulaiton and drying have long been a hot topic in pharmaceutical R&D and industry. However, there is currently no truly continuous fluid-bed dryer on the market that is suitable for long process times and that also meets the quality requirements. L.B. Bohle unveiled the new R&D system QbCon® 1 for truly continuous granulation and drying that meets all requirements for the successful introduction of continuous wet granulation.

The Benefits of L.B. Bohle´s QbCon® 1:

• Material flow from raw material to dried granule in a closed continuous operation
• Fully automatic cleaning of fi lter during the drying process
• Consistent LOD (Loss On Drying) across all granule sizes
• Uniform conveying of the granules from feeding to discharge
• Easy scale-up for the developmemt of new products
• Very short residence time and a narrow residence time distribution

QbCon® 1 – Revolutionary system for your R&D and an ideal device for the introduction of  continuous wet granulation!


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