The range of Bohle blending systems shows the flexibility of our engineering and manufacturing departments. Bohle blenders can be adjusted and used in any imaginable pharmaceutical production situation. No matter what kind of container you use, round and square, Bohle blenders can handle them with excellent blending results.

The LM 40 is a mobile unit suitable for conducting trials of small-scale batch productions under real conditions for subsequent large-scale production. Integrated into a frame with locking casters, the blender easily moves throughout a laboratory or production staging area for different applications.

Effective Blending

Offering highly efficient blending operations, the LM 40 blender incorporates a drive unit with a direct current motor and potentiometer control to infinitely adjust rotational speed. The unit can handle four bin sizes (5, 10, 20 and 40 liters) that cover a working range of 1 to 35 liters. A Plexiglas cover protects blending containers during rotation for complete safety in hazardous areas. Operators can open covers to change blending containers or discharge product. Should covers be opened during operation, a safety switch immediately stops the blender.

The LM 40 blender exchanges containers in full ergonomic standards, eliminating the need for complex handling systems. For easy transport throughout a laboratory, containers move on a separate trolley. Containers can be removed from the load arm for cleaning.

The benefits of the LM 40 Lab Blender:

  • Supports small batch production with blending capacity of 1 to 35 liters
  • Fully portable on locking casters
  • Blending containers exchangeable without complex handling systems