Tablet coater of the future developed by L.B. Bohle.

Tablet coating with the high-efficiency Bohle Tablet Coater (BTC) guarantees up to 35-percent shorter pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing times compared to conventional tablet coating equipment for significant cost savings and more efficient, longer running campaigns. With its high capacity, the Bohle Tablet Coater will allow manufacturers to operate with fewer tablet coaters. It’s the optimal choice as a first tablet coater investment for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing environments.



Tablet coaters by Bohle produce the best uniformity in tablet coating while producing considerably fewer rejects and using less coating material. The tablet coater’s patented tablet coater air flow bed technology eliminates spray drying to cut down on waste while lengthening campaign runs between cleaning. The Bohle Tablet Coater’s unparalleled tablet consistency and high efficiency result in a high-speed, problem-free tablet coating system that meets cGMP standards.


Tablet Coater Features Include:

  • Smaller diameter tablet coating pan for increased coating surface
  • Patented mixing baffles that gently blend tablets in the coating pan
  • Accommodates up to 10 spray nozzles for high-efficiency tablet coating
  • Ergonomic tablet coater design for easy handling of tablets and coating materials

If you’d like to test the Bohle Tablet Coater for yourself, request a visit to L.B. Bohle’s U.S. Service Center.


About L.B. Bohle

L.B. Bohle LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of L.B. Bohle Maschinen & Verfahren GmbH, provides high-efficiency processing technologies benefitting the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, including tablet coating, milling, granulating, blending and weighing equipment. With thirty years experience and more than 35 patents worldwide, L.B. Bohle continues to innovate technology that meets the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, making the company one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical processing equipment. For more information, visit www.lbbohle.com.

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