U.S. Service Center

Our 2,000 square-foot U.S. Service Center, located near Philadelphia, Pa. offers pharmaceutical processing expertise and equipment support including:


Equipment demos/production run simulations

Before you make a long-term equipment investment, we conduct product demonstrations and production trials using your own process on our equipment in a real production environment. Bohle blending (lab and production scale) and milling (cone mill or hammer mills) technology are available for process testing at our U.S. Service Center.


Tablet coating solutions

We supplement your in-house resources in addressing table coating challenges and determining the right coating process for products in the early stages of drug development. Using your drug formulations, our experts eliminate potential processing problems to shorten ramp-up times. Conducting full process trials at our U.S. Service Center, we typically achieve coating uniformity better than 5% RSD.


Process development and optimization

By proving performance before production ramp-up, we help pharmaceutical companies improve cost savings and deliver better long-term manufacturing results. Through production trials, Bohle experts show you how to improve processes and maximize production from the R&D stage through to full scale ramp-up and product commercialization.


Latest technical knowledge

To get the most from your Bohle equipment while staying current with future technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, we offer customers:

  • Equipment training
  • Practice trials
  • Demonstrations on latest software updates
  • Workshops with industry experts

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About L.B. Bohle

L.B. Bohle LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of L.B. Bohle Maschinen & Verfahren GmbH, provides high-efficiency processing technologies benefitting the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, including tablet coating, milling, granulating, blending and weighing equipment. With thirty years experience and more than 35 patents worldwide, L.B. Bohle continues to innovate technology that meets the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, making the company one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical processing equipment. For more information, visit www.lbbohle.com.

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