L.B. Bohle has developed the future of tablet coating, the high-efficiency Bohle Tablet Coater (BTC). The tablet coater reduces processing times up to 35 percent compared to conventional tablet coating systems, yielding significant cost savings and improved campaign efficiency while maintaining cGMP standards.

Patented Technological Advances for Pharmaceutical Filmcoating Applications

The Bohle Tablet Coater BTC provides superior coating uniformity, producing considerably fewer rejects and using less coating material. L.B. Bohle’s patented air flow bed technology eliminates spray drying, thereby reducing waste while lengthening campaigns between cleaning. It also promotes uniform tablet coating with a high-quality, defect-free film coat. The tablet coater’s elongated coating pan provides a larger tablet spraying surface accommodating up to 10 spray nozzles, which delivers more suspension solution and reduces overall coating time. The Bohle Tablet Coater BTC’s integrated mixing baffles are double-helix shaped to ensure thorough tablet mixing with gentle handling. The baffle design provides 100-percent tablet discharge, increasing campaign efficiency.

Excellent Product Processing with the Highest Profitability

Tablet coating with the high-efficiency Bohle Tablet Coater  guarantees up to 35-percent  shorter pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing times compared to conventional tablet  coating equipment for significant cost savings and more efficient, longer running operations.

The benefits of the Bohle Tablet Coater BTC:

  • state of the art coating technology
  • homogeneous mixing due to patented spirals
  • gentle mechanical treatment of tablet cores to avoid edging and breaking
  • simple and quick discharging by reversing the direction of rotation
  • nozzles with AB-caps ensure long enduring operation
  • minimizing loss of spraying solution to to a value below 5 %
  • geometrical similarities of all machine sizes ensure secure scale-up conditions
  • friendly operator software and visualization

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