The Bohle Tablet Coater BTC is the economical choice for all pharmaceutical film coating applications. Tablet coating with the high efficiency Bohle Tablet Coater guarantees upt to 35-percent shorter pharmaceutical and nutraceutical processing times compared to conventional coating equipment for significant cost savings and more efficient, loger running operations. With all this features the  BTC guarantees the highest efficiency on the market.

Outstanding advantages of the Bohle Tablet Coater include:

  • State of the art coating technology
  • Homogeneous mixing due patented spirals
  • Gentle mechanical treatment if tablet cores to avoid edging and breaking
  • Simple and quick discharging by reversing the direction of the rotation
  • Nozzles with AB-caps ensure long enduring operation
  • Minimizing loss of spraying solution to a value below 5 %
  • Geometrical similarities of all machine sizes ensure secure scale-up conditions
  • Friendly operator software and visualization